The Caddy


The golfer was choosing a caddy. “Can you count young man?” he asked. “Yes sir,” said the boy.” “Let’s see how you do,” the man said. “How much are two, six, three, and seven?” “Eleven, sir,” the boy said. “Excellent,” the man said. “You’re hired.”
We laugh at jokes where people aren’t as honest as they should be in different circumstances. We tend to ignore dishonesty when it comes to those that hold sway over us, and who are in positions of responsibility. We don’t become indignant when they twist truth or warp it beyond recognition as long as we benefit from it.
Are our lives truly better when we benefit from a lie? There was a time when we taught our children, getting ahead through dishonest means, no matter whether golf or business, was the wrong approach to life. Dishonesty to ones self was letting yourself down, your, family, and the community around you. We taught our children to shun such practices, to be forthright, and honest, even when playing golf, because if you’re not honest at golf, where else are you dishonest.
Yes, we look at this as being just a little deceitful and funny, but have we laughed at the small stuff for so long now, its becoming too hard to trust anyone. Has a little dishonesty become the norm in many Christians lives? Has a nation of Christians become so use to dishonesty that they can accept anything that’s said, even when proven false, and not just once, but over and over again?
We can ignore the untruthfulness of our neighbors and leaders, Christ won’t, He can’t. Our relationship with Christ is built upon trust, love, and honesty. When He’s looking for a caddy to carry His words to the people, He’s looking for someone who can count the cost. He’s looking for someone who can make all the way to the end and give an accurate account. Are you that person, or are you thinking, it doesn’t matter?


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