A New Page

Every day is new never existed before, nothing new about that, right! But, each day brings opportunities to do things different, see things differently, change our view about our surroundings; we have choices galore everyday. Everyday is a new page in our lives filled with good and bad, sometimes fraught with a bit of danger, near misses on the highways, or even finding the perfect person to spend the rest of your life with.
Yesterday was old news, yesterday was possibly the greatest day of your life, or the worst, depending on your circumstances. You may have laughed all day, or cried upon your closes friends shoulder all night, but that was yesterday.
Yesterday is a turned page in your book of life, it told the story of you and your adventures. Today on your new page, which is yet to be written, is the nothingness that will become history tomorrow. What will tomorrow have to say about today? Will it say, you were good or bad, will it say you were a success or a failure? Will this be the last page of your life? How will the tomorrow be written?
The newest page of all, even after death, will say volumes about you and your life. It will be written by you and viewed by Christ. He will see the pages of your life unfold before Him; how will they speak to Him? What will your life’s book read like to the host of heaven? Will your life read like an adventure, a spy novel, a detective mystery; does it speak like a documentary of sadness. What category do you fit in today? A better question might be, wouldn’t it be a wonderful story to tell the world of someone who was on the wrong path in life, documented in the pages of their life’s book of someone failing in life. Half way through the pages, our tale begins to tell a different story; one of a human turned to the glory of Christ. What a story that would be, a story read over and over throughout eternity to the host of the External’s Kingdom. That story could be one about you, and me, it could be the second greatest story ever told. It could be; all you have to do is turn to a new page.


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