My Dog


The farmer came to town on Court Day and saw a man entertaining a crowd with the tricks of his trained dog. The farmer said, “How did you train your dog that way? I can’t teach mine a single trick.” The dog owner said,” its not easy, to begin with, you have to know more than the dog or you can’t teach him anything.”
I think about that as I sit here in my living room watching my two year old wire hair terrier drag our two year old mixed breed cat across the floor by his ear. It’s a constant occurrence between the two who’ve become close buddies over the last year or so. They tussle and play, sometimes at a high level of intensity, but they always seem to end the day wrapped in each other claws, arms, paws, well each other anyway.
The dog can do some things on command, he can sit, shake one paw, high five with another. All this at the promise of a snack or treat he dearly loves. He stays by my side as long as we are in the yard, outside the fenced yard all bets are off, unless on a leash. He would play fetch the ball all day long, if I only could withstand the constant throwing the ball across the yard. He loves squeaky toys, the louder the better. He will get right in your face and repeatedly squeak the toy as if to say. “I can do this and you’re going to enjoy me doing this.”
I say all this about my dog because we’ve become very attached to the mutt. He has a way of laying his head up against you, sitting there almost as if say, “I’m so happy and content and wouldn’t want to be any place else.” His interaction with the cat is better than watching TV and teaches me more about how the human race should get along than any sermon I’ve ever heard. He teaches me about unconditional love, and what it means to forgive.
Yes, he’s a pill sometimes, but aren’t we all. I believe he would give his life to protect us, if push came to shove, I think he would be there between us and danger. Who else can you say that about if your life was depending on them? Yes, my dog it seems is smarter than me sometimes, but that’s okay in this world of troubles we live in today, I’m glad we have him.


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