“Outrageous,” the man said in a defiant tone. “The things that are happening today are simply outrageous,” he continued on. He added, “The news is full of politicians with no conscious, we have cities gone wild, and a government full of corruption, its simply outrageous.” The guards came in at that moment and told the inmates, “Turn off the TV it’s almost lights out for you murderers and thieves.”
Outrage, is expressed by one and all over acts and opinions of others. We’re rarely outraged by our own acts, our thoughts and beliefs seem perfectly reasonable to us, it’s others that are on the fringe. But others may think the things we say and do are in the realm of outrageous.
We can be outraged, insulted over comments made by those whose opinions are contrary to our own, but still be wrong ourselves. We could be right in our indignation, but we probably wouldn’t know since we gauge our outrage within our own views. For instance, Conservatives are outraged over Liberals comments and Liberals are outraged over Conservatives remarks, who is right and who is wrong. It’s clear to you who’s right, but it’s clear to them as well.
How do we gauge who has the right to be outraged? Do your opinions help or hurt? Are your actions based upon goodness or evil? Do the things you believe affect the people within your circle of influence have a positive or negative impact? How does time contribute to the overall effect of your beliefs, do it make things worst or better?
Here’s where I bring Christ into the story. Are you outraged when I tell you Christ is the God of the Old Testament? Many in this world would be, even when I can show them in the following scriptures it says he was, John 1:1-18, 1Cor. 10:1-12, Heb. 1:1-3.
Are you outraged when I say no one goes to heaven when they die? Most wouldn’t accept that belief, even when scripture backs it up: John 3:13 Acts 2:29-35. Well, now I know you’re outraged, I’ll end here. But instead of being outraged for once, see how this impacts your beliefs today and in the future.


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