Walking The Cat


What idiotic inspiration comes over a person who decides to do something that is totally against all rational thinking? I had a hallucinatory dream where I thought it would be a good idea to put leash and collar on the cat and take him for a walk. It would be the fair and equal thing to do since we walk the dog all the time. Aren’t we all about fairness today as a society? Aren’t we supposed to treat everyone the same no matter the type of person, motivation, experience, or education? We treat everyone the same, right! Well, in my twisted dream state, I attributed the same conditions upon the animal world.
Back to my walking the cat, the first thing that happened that should have given me a hint this was a bad idea; the cat absolutely hated the collar. The cat twisted and fought every moment of its application, unlike the dog that goes bonkers at the thought of a walk and can’t wait to have the collar put on, that cat wanted none of it. The next step is to get the cat away from the dog. The dog fairly upset the cat is going on an adventure and he isn’t.
Out the house we go; the cat is heading straight away from me at breakneck speed attempting to distance himself from his medieval captor and his harness that holds him captor. He darts one way, then the other, back and forth unlike our dog who is content to drag us along walking straight ahead. We reach the end of the driveway, and the neighbor’s dog appears and that’s where the brilliant idea hits a major roadblock. The cat heads up a tree close by with his hair standing out like quills stuck in his back. Arching his back and hissing all the while I’m pulling on the collar in a vertical manner. After a half-hour or so finally getting the cat out of the tree, we decide to head back to the house. The cat is only content to make the short journey back to the house attached to my leg. I guess it was my punishment for this idea gone badly. We reach the house undue the constraints from the cat while putting that idea to bed with all the other dumb ideas I ever had.
If I learned anything from my hallucinatory dream, there is a natural order to all things in the universe. We walk dogs not cats for a reason; cats can function quite well on their own. Society is not a one size fits all, we all have a place and we’re all different. Socialism won’t work; it’s like walking a cat, a really bad idea.


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