It is said in order for man to survive, He must have something to believe in. We need something other than ourselves in which to place our faith. Believing is an uncompromising love to where one places their loyalty.
I believe in warm summer days, where the daylight hours are long so as to accomplish all the work one has to do. I believe in cool fall nights so the body can rest comfortably, able to wake up refreshed. I believe in the character of cats, because their interesting. I believe in Dogs because of their loyalty and friendship. I believe in a cool glass of tea on a hot summers day, and a cup of hot chocolate when its icy cold outside.
I believe in the selflessness of others, their ability to disregard their own safety in times of need and help others. I believe in long marriages and commitment between husband and wife. I believe in children raised in a home where love is first and growing up is fun. I believe in true justices; every man should be bound by the same laws and held accountable for his actions. I believe man can achieve all things, if he makes the right choices. I believe man has a higher calling, but I also believe he doesn’t understand that calling.
I believe in Christ, in every way and in every need. I believe Christ has a purpose for man, but man has no idea what that is. Its man’s destiny to be with Christ, but man has no idea where that will be either. I believe Christ can heal the sick, both then and now. I believe in the Father in Heaven and His son who died for our sins and rose again. I believe one day not too far off in the future, Christ will come again to retrieve His bride, the church.
I believe these things because they are the beliefs that I have faith in, that drive me forward daily. The question becomes, what do you believe in, and why? Have a wonderful feast, God Bless.


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