I’m reminded daily by sightless people around me, the effects of spiritual blindness and its affects on society as a whole. Real blindness is an unfortunate reality with some folks either by birth or by accident. These folks can’t help being blind, and would do almost anything to be able to see. Yet, they have developed other senses that help them overcome being without sight. We find no such accommodations with spiritual blindness; being spiritually sightless is a condition that is imposed upon most of the world so the mercy of Christ can abound. Most of these folks are content to have it so; unlike real physical blindness, spiritual blindness seems to be desired.
Can a person receive spiritual sight? By the grace of Christ and the Father they can. Christ healed many physically blind folks when He walked this earth; they came to Him for such a miracle, the blind were begging for sight. But how many today, ask Christ for real sight, real spiritual sight, few I would guess. In the physical world, seeing is more common than blindness by overwhelming margins; the opposite is true for spiritual blindness. Can you be deceived because you are blind? In the physical world of blindness, the other senses help protect the sightless from being fooled. But in the spiritual realm nations are deceived because of their blindness, scriptures say they desire it to be that way.
Are you blind to Gods word, and how would you know if you were? If you don’t know perhaps you are, there is a way to tell, but you have to be willing to see first, if your hands aren’t covering your eyes as you walk though this world. Open your eyes to the world of Christ, His truth, His love, His hope; you’ll see what a wonderful place it truly is and will be.


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