It said, we walk in the footsteps of our ancestors, and if you’re one of those that believe the human race evolves from apes, if you’re right, it could explain a lot. Its inconceivable the decisions being made by supposedly brilliant men and women in the name of humanity today. When you look at the chart of the evolution of man, it shows mans progression as becoming more and more intelligent. Now, the scientists are going to have to revise their charts and graphs showing a downward spike. Who knows maybe the huge brows and slopping head like the Neanderthal may emerge again in the human make-up.
I’m being facetious, but it’s almost to the point of ridiculous the decisions being made about things that are really a concern most Americans, especially the embola outbreak. I’m going to go through the litany of mistakes that have been made, but point to the one that is an overriding exclamation to a already gargantuan debacle. That would be putting someone with absolutely no medical background in charge of overseeing this epidemic. That is equivalent to putting someone in charge of blowing up a 50 story building downtown New York who has never seen explosives or what they can do, a single day of their lives.
We walk in the footsteps of those that came before us; we want those to be men of integrity and honor, men with common sense and an internal compass that guide them and keeps them on the right paths. We want our leaders of today to walk in the footsteps of Washington, Lincoln, Reagan, not in the steps of men we can barley remember their names. I would prefer they try walking in the footsteps of our creator, Jesus, the Christ.
I would like to hear them quote the bible instead of science journals. I would like to know they put God first instead of politics. I would like all of that in our leaders, but that leader is not due to arrive until, the current ones are finished destroying everything, pray for our nation.


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