Whirlpool of Life


In the center of the whirlpool, while the waters rush around, There’s a space of perfect stillness, though with turmoil it is bound; All is calm, and all is quiet, scarcely e’en a sense of sound. So with us-despite the conflict-when in Christ His perfect peace is found.
No author to attribute this to, but I can imagine, someone in deep trouble or concern over some recent event within their lives that has brought them great turmoil. I can imagine them sitting by a still quite stream starring into the waters in deep thought trying to make some sense of things whirling around them seemingly out of control.
I can see that same person watching the water as it moves downwards over rocks heading towards the ocean creating small whirlpools in the eddies and rocks. As they begin to connect their trouble to the small whirlpools in a vast river of life; they begin to realize troubles surround us all, and they soon fade away only to be replaced by others that haven’t yet formed.
The calmness within the center of each whirlpool attracts their attention, focusing on the calm they begin see the answer they were searching for within their trouble life, they see Christ as our constant calm. Our quiet place within the storm of life, can be found within our prayers conversing with our creator about life’s ever tormenting troubles. Its then that peace consumes our thoughts telling us, the Father in heaven is in control. No matter how big or how small our whirlpools in life seem to be, or how out of control they appear, in the center with Christ, we can find calm in our whirlpool called life.


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