Benefits of Doctrine


We cannot have the benefits of Christianity if we shed its doctrines. D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones
We have shed the clothing of the saints by shedding the doctrines of the Bible. We’ve become naked before God by our own will and we have no shame. We would rather appease the sinner than stand for the righteous teachings of scripture.
Is God and his doctrine so terribly bad that evil is so appealing? Sadly, many in the world today would say, yes. If you look at the world and look at what scriptures say, you see that God says don’t do something, and the world proceeds to do just that which God says not to do. God says go to the right, humans go to the left instinctively. We need guidance, God put Sheppard’s to lead his people, but do they follow the teachings of scripture? One could make a strong argument, they do not. The bible says, the blind will lead the blind and are we ever blind in this nation.
There can be no spiritual heath without doctrinal knowledge. J.I.Parker
If we seek the guidance from our creator, we first must seek His truth, without one, we cannot have the other. If we reject the truth of God’s teachings, we have rejected any chance of salvation. The question then becomes, what is the true teachings from the Bible? Many seem to have answers, but do they fit with what the bible says? Beware of men willing to steal your salvation for gain. You alone stand before Christ and answer for yourself, no one else can help you then. Perhaps its time to find some answers, some answers that fit with what the bible teaches, they are there in front of you.


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