Saved by Grace, Maybe


Many years back, I was in a conversation with one of my college professors and we were discussing religion. He asked during the conversation why I did certain things different from his beliefs. My response was, because we are instructed to do them according to scripture. He replies back in no uncertain terms, “I’m saved by grace.” That was the end of the conversation, to him there was nothing more to discuss, being saved by grace was the end all of everything religious to him. There was nothing else he needs to do, or no other consideration needed to be examined. It was like being saved by grace gave him a license to disobey God when it didn’t suit his vision.
Does being saved by grace give one cart blanc to choose whether or not to obey God? Is there more to do after being saved by grace? Or do we just towing the line with man’s traditions? Does God expect more from us than just lip service? Last question, does being saved by grace means we have absolute salvation? Some might say you’re bound for hell if you keep sinning, how does that work?
We have a Father in Heaven that loves his children. If our physical father loves us but expects us to obey him, what then is the difference with God? Some Christians go out of their way to disregard God’s will. I’m saved by grace, but that’s not the end of the relationship with God, it’s the beginning. Christ said JH 14:15, “If you love, keep my commandments.” Guess he was just joking according to some, but if you are a true believer, being saved by grace is the entrance in the Fathers house. Sinners won’t make it through that door, because sin is the transgression of the law, 1JH 3:4. My Professor was saved by the grace of God, he claims. He didn’t need to follow God’s will any longer, mans was good enough. I’m not good enough for Christ, but I will follow his will, how do you feel about the grace of God, is that all you need?


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