Do you go straight to heaven when you die? The majority of the world and clergy would say absolutely, yes you do! I’ve heard countless sermons given in front of grieving family members telling them; their loved one was up in heaven at that very instance. People are taught the soul is eternal and it has to go somewhere when we breathe our last breath. It has to go to heaven or it will wind up in hell, or even worst yet be doomed to wander the earth scaring the hell out of everyone.
Where do we get this idea, this doctrine, because, it’s not taught anywhere in your bible. I heard that, “how would I know,” you ask. Scriptures give us unadulterated truth, man lies to us, can you believe that? If not; then, find eternal soul in the bible. Not there, am I right? Find where it says, “you go to heaven when you die.” That’s not there either, is it? You might want to say, in the scriptures it says, “Where I will be you will be also.” True enough, but where does the bible say Christ will spend the next thousand years after His return? Good old terra ferma is where, read Revelations 20, yea the whole chapter, it will be good for you, and add 21 if you get ten extra minutes in your day. We’ll spend a thousand years on this world with Christ as spiritual beings, doing His work, doesn’t sound like the heaven I’ve always heard about.
The bible speaks of resurrections John 5:29 says there are two resurrections of man, so where do we fit? Let me tell you a few more secrets, John 3:13 says, “No man has ascended into heaven, except the son of man.” Another one you can highlight 1Cor. 15:20 Christ first, then His church; after that, the rest of the dead are raised. Wow, add all that up and I’ll ask once more. Where do you get the idea from the bible, you go to heaven when you die, or your soul somehow lives on? Do you believe man, or do you believe scripture?


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