Forgotten Words


It is said, it takes a thousand words to paint a picture. Today I believe it would take many more words than a thousand to paint even the most basic of images. Words have become cheap so you get more for less. They’re often broken and unrecognizable so you have to use more to get the same results.
Many words today seemed lost to us, because they’re not used in everyday conversations like they once were. Words like honor, people on the streets have other words to replace its meaning; gangster seems to be the preferred slang. Words like dignity, respect, aspire; endeavor, resiliency, and courage are words that have great meaning, they’re words that we all can appreciate. But these words are mostly used in our nation’s military institutions; they’re very common within the ranks of those who defend our society. You won’t find them used on the streets of Detroit, Saint Louis, or Chicago except by those that battle daily the drugs, thieves, and murders who have a language of their own.
Forgotten words for forgotten peoples; does a nation first lose its morals or its language; or, are they both tied together? Do words lift us up, or pull us down? The answer is in the language of the Constitution of the United States, The Declaration of Independence, and the Bill of Rights. These are uplifting words ground in truth and dreams of a people. They’re words of a moral peoples willing to die for their convictions and give all they have for there very existence.
Read these words written by men of courage and conviction again, then listen to the language on the streets and you’ll soon come to realize why we suffer as a nation. We’ve forgotten these words; they don’t resonate as they once did. At one time in this nation these words were taught to every child old enough to read, now they are rarely spoken in the institution of learning, even colleges.
When we become ignorant as a nation, then those that have the reigns of power will become our dictators. Only through knowledge do we sustain our freedoms, only through words once spoken but now forgotten by many can we remain a nation of God.


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