Garbage In!


How much garbage can we consume spiritually before it affects us in very serious ways? When we think about what we see and hear on a daily basis do we take time to evaluate the consequences it may have upon anyone of us. There’s a story that goes something like this.
A mother was peeling vegetables for a salad when her daughter, recently home from college walked in the kitchen. In their conversation the daughter mentioned she was going to go to a questionable movie that evening with friends. Her mother reached down picked up a handful of garbage and threw it unceremoniously into the salad. “Mom!” said the shocked young lady. “You’re putting garbage in the salad.” “I know,” replied the mother, “but I thought that if you didn’t mind putting garbage in your mind, you certainly wouldn’t mind a little bit in your stomach.”
Humans are spiritual sponges; we tend to soak up the things that appeal to us. When we’re younger the appealing things are violent videos, horror movies, and X rated comedies. All these things tell us, “It’s okay to expose ourselves to more and more.”
But what’s even more troubling as we become older and wean ourselves from questionable things of our youth; garbage takes on a new form in religion.
Religion, for the sake of religion, isn’t religion. What do I mean, you ask? Not all religion is good, and not what the world considers bad religion is wrong, let me explain. Most of today’s religion is based upon old religions; they’re just in a different package made to look new. But the fact is, they’re very old beliefs based upon the sun, moon or stars, which God condemns us for worshiping.
There is one religion that has never changed, and the world hates it bitterly. But it’s the one religion that is good for us. It’s like the salad we eat everyday, full of healthy food, which have always been good to eat and are good for us. It’s the peelings that are garbage, and many religions are just that, scrapings from the good, and as my mom always said, “Garbage in, garbage out.” Teach your children better choices, both in life and spiritually.


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