Over our Heads


Ever felt like you were over your head with all the things going on around you?
At work, the pressures are enormous and feelings of inadequacies are piling up. At home, you have projects you’ve set aside for months and new ones are constantly popping up.
You feel as though you’ve sunk neck deep into the preverbal rat race and there’s no way out.
The marginal good news in all this is, you’re not alone. We all feel this way from time to time; it’s called, being human. The really bad news is, we’re stuck here and as I said, it’s a part of being human. We can make a difference on how we experience being over whelmed. Instead of letting it control our lives, we can enact certain elements within our behavior that will naturally give us better control.
The first and foremost of these, give your problems to the Father in prayer. It seems so simple, yet, most folks would rather continue suffering the woes of this world than spend a little time each day in prayer. It’s spiritually therapeutic, and offers one a chance to see there is something bigger than ones self. Once we come to understand there is a higher power; we understand it’s not possible to be over our heads in problems any longer, because we’ve given them to Christ and the Father, and nothing is over their heads.


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