Faith Matters

If a person says, “Faith Matters”, what does that mean exactly? It means to me, God is real, and if God is real, then everything written in the Bible is true. If everything written in the bible is true, how can one say any part of it is irrelevant? We can’t, is the short answer. Men love to say, “God did this, or Christ came and did that” without fully considering the consequences of their words.
Today, we are witnessing those same consequences within or, so-called-Christian-nation. We’ve opened the borders of our minds to beliefs that exclude God making Him lesser in our lives, instead of a greater influence we need. Man wants to tell other men to look to them and not God, supposing they can do better in the form of government. The truth is, they can’t and never will, because they aren’t God.
Jesus created us and loves us, therefore understands us; He and He alone is able to rule us. When we allow His teaching, even just a little to influence our lives; we have a more functional society for ourselves and everyone else around us.
Yes, faith matters, but where do you place your faith? Is it in government, or God? Faith in God (Christ) is a matter of believing He can fill your spiritual needs as well as your physical needs. Our government can only do one of those, and unless you feel you don’t need spiritual blessings, then you need a God that can do both.
Learn about Christ and His works through scripture, through the stories and the words. Give Him the same effort you do getting your drivers licences and Christ can change your world.