In a perfect world, in a reasonable time, no self respecting man would ever pervade the sacredness of women’s domain, ie: female restroom. Yet today is not that time and a minority of men will do exactly that with the blessings of our government.
You have to ask, “what mind altering substance is the president on? What moment in time was it when he began to believe this is a good idea?” Was he on the golf course and didn’t have a place to relieve himself? Was he stigmatized somehow because there was a woman’s facility available close by, but the mans room was farther away and couldn’t make it? Was it at that instance the light bulb went off in his head and said, “I know what I’ll do, I’ll make all restrooms gender neutral!” If only the golf course could speak, perhaps we would know the truth.
The problem is a whole lot larger than just the president; he has many backers in the congress with the same unholy PC insanity sickness. The entire government must have checked their inebriated brains filled with pornographic agendas, at the morality door to fill some kind of wholesale sick perverted agenda. Who are we electing to represent us? I certainly didn’t vote for someone to add their blessing in the form of law so grown men can use the same restroom as my wife and young women and children putting them in danger.
Perhaps this is just a ploy designed to help some in government fill a deeper sick voyeuristic element of their own lives that can’t be demonized in the traditional ways. Whatever the case, it’s sick and a really a bad idea on any level.
How many young men with hormones raging are already conniving a way to work this in their favor? The answer is, “a bunch,” don’t kid yourselves, sex is the number one thing on most fifteen year olds radar. It’s a way to erase taboos and borders for perverts looking at this as a smorgasbord for their choosing whatever target excites them. It’s deviation from every moral institution we hold dear as Christians.
I know I will be called a homophobe, bigot, and close-minded. All I can say to those claims is, Yep” when it comes to homosexuality and sharing restrooms with acting perverts, I’m all of those descriptions. Not only am I those names, I’m unrepentant for it and dam proud of it. I not part of this PC world, I come from America, land of the proud and FREE!!! Get it free, don’t tell me I have to take this garbage, because the founders of this nation said I didn’t have to. You give into this deviance and the next unholy, perverted, sick, idea coming our way will be unstoppable.
Our nation isn’t this way, this isn’t our morals, our founding. What is it going to take for those who are advocates of this to see the rotten, sticking, sick act this is? They said it was a good thing to take God out of our schools, here’s what going to fill the void. I hope our children don’t learn to love this as fast as we forgot God.


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