The Only Jesus They ever Knew

The Only Jesus They ever Knew

Many of God’s holy people are trying the hardest to get this nation to repent of its sins. Many on social media platforms like, facebook twitter, you tube and others continue asking for prayers for this nation, there is nothing wrong with that, we need to support our nation and our government.
Just like them, want to see this nation return to ways guided by a holy law. It would be a wonderful thing to be able to leave my doors open at night without fear of someone breaking in, stealing me out of house and home.
In addition; it would be nice not to have to worry about losing my life when I leave home by someone driving drunk or by the hand of a madman engulfed in road rage. We shouldn’t have to fear going to the mall to buy a pair of shoes, or go out for a nice meal and worry about getting shot. Instead of all those worries, wouldn’t be great to see God’s churches to be busting at the seams with folks wanting to know about God. Not being indoctrinated into believing we somehow miraculously developed from green sludge over millions of years through a process called evolution.
There is nothing wrong with having a desire for our children to be safe from predatory people that prey on young children. We don’t care to have homosexuals and people in authority influencing our children in sick perverted ways. We shouldn’t be made to feel guilty not teaching our children to want to crave kinky sex, or desire others for a same sex partners.
We want our government to uphold the guarantees of the constitution, giving us freedoms of speech and religion, the right to bare arms.
Many aspire to God, not global warming, environmentalism, progressivism, popularism, or any other isms.
Most US citizens want these things, and we want our nation to repent from the evil it has embarked upon over the last decade.
Sadly, today has become a time of ignorance, not knowing who God is or what repentance truly means.
How does one repent of what they think is right? The thief may know he’s a thief but all the same, he believes he is justified. Many who steal think they’re right in doing so. Many who murder believe they’re right in doing so. It’s the same with every other commandment of God, they can make themselves believe they are in the right somehow. So, how does one repent when they think they’re right?
On satellite radio they have the oldies radio programs; the play Suspense theater, green hornet, Molly & McGee, Escape, The great Gildersleeve, Burns & Gracie, and on and on.
Recently they’ve been playing Christmas in July themes and on one of the old series called dragnet.
It was a program in 1953, with Jack Webb: titled, The Big little Jesus
The story goes:
It’s Christmas Eve when Father Rojas at the Old Mission Plaza Church in Los Angeles discovers that the statue of the Infant Jesus is stolen from the crib. The statue’s worth is only a few dollars, but it is of great sentimental value for the parish. Friday and Smith promise to try to get it back before mass on Christmas Day, but this means that they have less than 24 hours to catch the thief.
Sergeant Joe Friday asked why the statue was so important to the people, the priest reply, “it may be only a plaster statue, but its the only Jesus they ever knew.
Wouldn’t the real Jesus be more important than a two foot figure of someone’s imagination?
Is the real Jesus such a mystery people in this nation and around the world today, don’t they know who their savior is? Is believing in, going to their churches on Sunday mornings, keeping Easter, and Christmas, doing all their preacher tells them is somehow going to save them?
What folks don’t truly comprehend, Jesus would sweat on a hot day, get warm by a fire on a cold one. He could become incredibly hungry and exhausted, He laughed, cried and got annoyed same as us. He was also tested, on a daily basis, with the same kinds of temptations and trials common to all mankind. He was a real person, making a real living, feeding His family, buying and selling, earning wages.
Our Savior could sing a song if it struck His fancy, admired the beauty of a sunrise or a picturest scene with a mountain lake.
Jesus by all accounts wasn’t poor, instead grew up in an environment where his earthly father had his own business in construction. He learned His father’s trade carried on the family business after the death of Joseph.
The man who was the REAL Jesus was looked up to by Roman army officials but was eventually hated and despised by most religious leaders of his time to the point where they wanted him dead!
Not only was Jesus the Christ not born anywhere near Christmas he was actually born sometime in the fall of the year. He also most likely owned two homes and paid His fair share of taxes. Many times he stayed overnight in the houses of those who were rich. He was very friendly to those considered ‘sinners’ like fishermen, soldiers, thieves, politicians, religious folk, even prostitutes.
His death was not the result of his heart being broken nor was put on a cross on a day we label “Good Friday” – and that He was not resurrected from the dead on the morning of Easter Sunday. Jesus Christ is also ALIVE and well today!
Jesus was a Jew, he kept the Sabbath, the holy days listed in Leviticus23. He obeyed the food laws, the mosaic laws and statues listed in the Torah. The book He most quoted from was Isaiah, not any NT espistles.
The world at large doesn’t know even these few things that are facts, not suppositions.
Most Christians today go by the traditional description of Christ relying on a few verses that seem to give them the license to do evil, believing they’re bound for heaven all the while.
Their so-called repentance is doing and believing much of the same things that have landed us where we are today.
Albert Einstein said the definition of insanity is doing something over and over again and expecting a different result.
Christanity is in a loop of insanity. They continue to believe in traditions of men, believeing they’re doing God a favor, denying Him at the same instance, expecting to have things change.
This would normally be the time I would say, “WAKEUP!” but is the insanity too ingrained into our culture?
Is it even possible for most folks to to see another Jesus other than the one they’ve always known? They want the Jesus they know, no matter how flawed and incorrect he is.
The question is, where are you when it comes to Jesus? Do you continue wanting the one you grew up knowing, or do you desire to know the real Jesus?