Greetings: Do you go straight to heaven when you die? The majority of the world and clergy would say absolutely, yes you do! I’ve heard countless sermons given in front of grieving family members telling them; their loved one was up in heaven at that very instance. People are taught the soul is eternal and… Read More Resurrections

Jesus Is Cool

Greetings: I had a friend that always went around saying, “Jesus is cool.” He would say it all the time, and any time he got the chance where it would fit in a conversation. One day, I decided to ask him why he was constantly saying, “Jesus is cool.” Especially since he rarely darkened the… Read More Jesus Is Cool


Greetings: It said, we walk in the footsteps of our ancestors, and if you’re one of those that believe the human race evolves from apes, if you’re right, it could explain a lot. Its inconceivable the decisions being made by supposedly brilliant men and women in the name of humanity today. When you look at… Read More FootsSteps


Greetings: I’m reminded daily by sightless people around me, the effects of spiritual blindness and its affects on society as a whole. Real blindness is an unfortunate reality with some folks either by birth or by accident. These folks can’t help being blind, and would do almost anything to be able to see. Yet, they… Read More Blindness

Greetings: It is said in order for man to survive, He must have something to believe in. We need something other than ourselves in which to place our faith. Believing is an uncompromising love to where one places their loyalty. I believe in warm summer days, where the daylight hours are long so as to… Read More


Greetings: “Outrageous,” the man said in a defiant tone. “The things that are happening today are simply outrageous,” he continued on. He added, “The news is full of politicians with no conscious, we have cities gone wild, and a government full of corruption, its simply outrageous.” The guards came in at that moment and told… Read More Outrage