Stay away Obama


Folks on the left seem to be having conundrums over common folks attending town hall meetings these last few weeks and expressing their anger and fear.. It seems they feel as though anyone but themselves do not have a right to express their fears and concerns to their representative. Although understandable because of whom they are, it is even more perplexing to hear so many of our congressmen in seemingly in denial when confronted by their constituents over these same concerns.
What isn’t said or heard because of the loud justifiable yelling during these meetings tends to drown out many of the peoples true fears is this.
We as citizens of this country for the first time in over two hundred years are afraid. We are afraid we will wake up one morning and hear on the National news we have a Government run health care system. We are afraid it will be the beginning of a time, just as in third world countries, we may awaken during the night to banging on our doors. We are afraid we will be denied our right to live and prosper as a nation. We are now afraid of our government.
My fear extends to my seven five year old mother, will she be denied the right to her doctor and the care she wishes to have. Will I be given some kind of ration card that will direct me to the nearest bureaucrat to see if I eligible for treatment? We are afraid of you and your cronies, we are afraid of your ideas, we don’t trust your decision making on our behalf.
So, I say to you Barak Obama, stay away from our freedoms, our children, our lives.