Are We Better?

Greetings:               In discipleship Journal, Don McCullough wrote: “John Killenrude tells about the manager of the minor-league baseball team who was so disgusted with his centerfielders performance that he ordered him to the dugout and assumed the position himself.             “The first ball that came into center field took a bad hop and hit… Read More Are We Better?


Greetings:               My parents were sticklers about us being polite to our elders and grown-ups. A proper amount of respect towards adults was always demanded from us children, there was no such thing as talking back or disrespect. Please and thank you was the beginning and end of nearly all our conversations, nothing less… Read More Please

Thanksgiving 2013

Greetings: This is a special time of year when thanks are offered for the graciousness of our creator. It’s a special gesture of love directed at our personal God and the blessing we’ve received throughout the year. It’s a demonstration of our Christian roots as a collective nation amid an avalanche of anti-God rhetoric. The… Read More Thanksgiving 2013


Greetings:               My truth, your truth, who’s truth, is real? Is truth the cosmic ball that never sits in a stationary position for any amount of time?   Is time a factor in determining truth; does truth differ two-thousand years ago from truth today? Is truth more relevant for the poor and under advantaged, and… Read More Truth

Mud People

Greetings:               The author, “Charles Allen” once wrote. One difference between a sheep and a hog is that, when a sheep falls into a mud-hole, it is uncomfortable and struggle to get out. When a hog falls into a mud-hole, he wallows in it and enjoys it.             Life is full of mud-holes, and… Read More Mud People


Greetings:               Have you even known someone who always makes life look easy? Work, play, family, it doesn’t matter; everything just seems easy with them. They are successful in business as well as home life. They have friends who admire them, and truly want to be a part of their lives. They have co-workers… Read More Easy