Missing the Mark

Greetings: “A miss is as good as a mile” we’re all familiar with this saying and have probably used one version or another in our lifetime. The saying originates in colonial times and isn’t even uniquely American, its origins can be attributed to the British Isles as far back as 1614 by: William Camden’s Remaines… Read More Missing the Mark


Greetings: So often problems come when least expected and always it seems, unannounced. Problems present themselves in many ways and levels of severity and never they way we would expect them. Problems can be unique to one person or event or cover a gambit of people or things.When problems arise, we must deal with them;… Read More Problems

Christmas Cheer

Greetings: It’s Christmas Eve; there is no doubt about it, the merchants are peddling their wares with frantic vigor. The expectations of the world for peace and harmony, good cheer; brighter days ahead are drowned out by the beating of war drums all over the world. Dictators and despots are clamoring for an opportunity too… Read More Christmas Cheer

The Closet

Greetings: We’ve been going through a lot of our old stuff recently and we’ve come across lots of items we had totally forgotten about. It’s like finding them for the first time all over again but with a special appreciation added in for the heart. It’s amazing what we pack away with intention of displaying… Read More The Closet


Greetings Everyone: I’m sitting here writing the update having my instant coffee and contemplating a bowl of one-minute oatmeal. I’m checking the weather on the computer to see what the conditions will be today, while I’m at it, I can see what kind of funds I have available to me as well.Our lives these days… Read More Instant


Greetings Everyone: In hearing the promises of the Presidential candidates the last couple of months being expounded upon and dissected by the media, it has become clear to me the candidates have seen a different direction they want to move the country in. I remember the last election, and the same could be said about… Read More Transformation


Greetings Everyone: It seems Europe is playing the “Lets make a Deal” game once more and many are quick to say prophecy is being fulfilled because of the consolidation of nations over debt. It could be the beginning of the prophecy spoken by Daniel, no one can deny what is happening in Europe is currently… Read More Misdirection


Greetings Everyone: There is so much to comment on, whether it’s the Presidential race or the European financial world collapsing. For a uninvolved outsider looking in, it would look as if we lived in a dying world made up of greed and exuberance and we are too focused on getting the brass ring to notice… Read More Creativity