Greetings: Real Ville; where is this mythological place? I hear Rush Limbaugh say he lives in Real Ville but if you Goggle its location you can’t find it. The place doesn’t exist on any maps or programs available today, but I know it’s a true place, because great people live there I’m told. What are… Read More Real-Ville

One Day

Greetings: I was sitting at my computer contemplating; one day, I need to wash my car, clean the house, and do the laundry. Chores seem to always get put on the things I need to do, but never get done. A few moments later, I was thinking; one day, I need to write that book… Read More One Day

What Am I?

Greetings: Often times I get the question, “What are you?” Now, I know what some of you are thinking when I bring this up and looking in the mirror every day I can understand why you might be thinking in that manner. All kidding aside, what I’m referring to is our belief and how to… Read More What Am I?


Greetings: Once a year we recognize in a special way, a particular member of our individual family’s. Our Mothers are the pivotal cog in the family unit and deserves special recognition. No other family member puts up with as much as she does on a daily basis and still is there at the end of… Read More Mothers


Greetings Doesn’t it seem things are much more complicated these days? The government keeps telling us, they want to make our lives simpler so we have more time to pursue other endeavors and spend more time with our families. Yet, it seems because of all the bureaucracies we have now for everything from getting a… Read More Julia

The Worry Monster

Greetings: The heaviest single item in the world surmounts all other physical objects. It can be the singular item preventing forward momentum in anyone’s life. It has the capacity to envelope an entire house and everyone in it; no matter the size. It will consume a person every waking moment with volume after volume of… Read More The Worry Monster