Greetings; You ever feel like the more you progress you make in something the further you get behind. You work and work and more work is your only reward, it seems almost pointless to get out of bed. But there bills to pay and mouths to feed including your own. On top of all that,… Read More Backwards

Christmas 2012

Greetings I would like to start out this reminder by saying; I know this subject will not be popular with some of my friends and relatives. It isn’t my intention to make you understand where I’m coming from or how I feel emotionally by addressing an awkward subject that tends to create animosity, especially this… Read More Christmas 2012


Greetings: We awake this morning to the conversation over the sad event of yesterday morning in Connecticut. Several adults and twenty children lost their lives in a horrible turn of events that began with a mentally disturbed twenty year old shooting own mother at their home. He went immediately to the elementary school and unleashed… Read More Connecticut

Small Things

Greetings: You ever get agitated at the radio or TV because of the rhetoric that spews from the speakers? Do you get mad when someone says something that irritates you at work or even at home? Do things that should work don’t when you try to use them, does that bother you to no end?… Read More Small Things