Greetings to All: We’ve all been watching the riots in England this last week and they seem eerily reminiscent to the race riots in the US fifty years ago. Even twenty years ago the Rodney King riots in Los Angles could be a similar comparison with the looting, burning, and viciousness of the mobs. What’s… Read More Unrest


Greeting to all; Boy, is it hot, how hot is it you ask, fill in the blank however you like, it will fit. We are suffering from the worst heat I have ever felt and I have lived in Texas all my life. We are breaking records daily and no end in sight. I think… Read More Support

Pay Attention

Greetings Everyone: I’m not in the mood to talk about what happen this week with the debt ceiling vote; you know hat happened; we got sold a bill of goods again. What is on my mind is the heavens, I guess because I’ve been spending a lot of time lately looking up and praying. It… Read More Pay Attention

The Bitter PillBy: Ron Harmon We’ve been made to swallow our medicine and just as when were young children, we are told it will make us well. Both houses of government and the president came to an agreement and passed a bill that will cure our problems, they say. They held their noses and voted… Read More