Greetings: There is a great difference between wanting and needing most folks would agree. The part that so often gets confused, one might not be able to distinguish between wanting something and needing something. “I want therefore I need”, seems to be the mantra of many folks today. I can want things out of my… Read More Needing


Greetings to all: Charles was unique fellow to say the least. Charles wasn’t the brightest kid; he was short on education and lacked a lot of guidance in his upbringing by no fault of his own doing. He was the product of a broken home and he was the second of four children. He lived… Read More Charles

4th of July

  Greetings: On this 4th of July I would like to give my thoughts on what it means to be free. I was always taught being free meant being an individual. It meant, a person could succeed and go as high as anyone in this country in education or wealth. You could fail or succeed… Read More 4th of July