Fading Freedoms

Greeting: We’ve all been hearing the news coming out of regions of the Middle East giving graphic details of the murders of four US embassy personnel one of which was our Ambassador to Libya. The administration immediately jumped upon the opportunity to lay blame on the whole incident to a fifteen-minute film. Hardly anyone in… Read More Fading Freedoms


Greeting; Deja’ve all over again; I looked on the news this morning to discover the Libyans have stormed our embassy in Libya and killed the ambassador. It’s eerily reminiscent of 1979 and the Iranian revolt that culminated in a hostage ordeal involving our embassy folks lasting for months. It didn’t end until Reagan entered into… Read More Deja’vu

Political Heat

Greetings: The first cold front is moving through here in Texas and we are feeling relief from one-hundred plus thermometers. Heat in Texas is as natural as mom’s apple pie to most Texans who have been here for a few years. Truthfully, you never, ever, get to where you enjoy the searing heat, but you… Read More Political Heat


Greetings: What is entropy, the definition according to Websters is as follows: (1. measure of disorder: a measure of the disorder that exists in a system). When I think about the nation’s pulse, I think entropy. Has order gone up or down, has disorder taken a more center stage within peoples lives? The Republican party is… Read More Entropy


Greetings: Anti this, anti that, why is everything anti in our culture today. If your against something, your anti (fill in the blank), its as if everyone is carrying a grudge according to the news media. It makes you wonder if common folks can have an opinion about anything and not be labeled anti, bigot,… Read More Anti