Never Too Careful

Greetings:   There was an unexpected knock at the door, Mrs. Smith first opened the peephole and ask, “Who’s there?” “Parcel post, with a package for the Smith’s.” “Where’s the package?” she asked suspiciously. The deliveryman held it up. “Let me see some ID,” she said, still not convinced. “Lady,” he replied wearily, “If I… Read More Never Too Careful


Greetings:               I opened the mailbox yesterday to find we had received a free vacation in the Caribbean. I was overjoyed as I read on and discovered they were going to give us a thousand dollars spending money as well. As I continued to read I became heartbroken to read I had to buy… Read More Free

The Right Answer

Greetings:               A man was at the bakery and as the cashier was ringing up his sale he joked, “do you guarantee these don’t have any calories?” Straight faced’ the clerk responded, “Absolutely no calories.” “You know where you’ll go if you lie like that?” the man teased. “Yes,” said the cashier, “”to congress.”… Read More The Right Answer

A Moral People

Greetings: Aristotle once wrote, ‘Moral excellence comes about as a result of habit. We become just by doing just acts, temperate by doing temperate acts, brave by doing brave acts.” We can’t be a moral person without practicing morality, it isn’t something we can drink, smoke, or get from a magazine. For most, morality comes… Read More A Moral People

An Unusual Risk

Greetings: In today’s world we are expected to meet certain criteria or risk being labeled an odd duck. There is little in the way of risk taking that is acceptable compared with a century ago when risk taking was an everyday event. Some of risk taking is acceptable in the Military and the sports world… Read More An Unusual Risk

Fork In The Road

Greetings:             Someone once said, “I’m came to a fork in the road, so I took it.” We are that people, especially when it comes to doing God’s will. We are willing to follow any path of least resistance; avoiding the path God is on at all cost. God says in John 14, “If you… Read More Fork In The Road