Ringing True



            Hundreds of years ago our currency was mostly in the form of coins. Counterfeiters would use nickel or copper to make matching coins replacing the silver ones. In order to tell the difference, merchants would drop coins on a hard surfaces listening for the tones they would make. A counterfeit coin was believed to have a flat sound while the genuine coins tone would be sharp sounding. This was called ringing the Coin, and from that we get the phrase, “Rings True.”

            What rings true with most good hard working folks in this world today is honesty. We have a sever deficiency of honesty in our society today, especially in our government. In order for any culture to exist in harmony with its prospective leadership, the leaders must have an air of truthfulness surrounding them.            Its sort of like trusting your neighbor, you might not want to leave your house unguarded if there is no trust between you and them.

           What rings flat sounding are the constant promises of a utopian society where everyone is supported by Government. The more they promise on the campaign trail of give-a-ways, the flatter sounding politicians become. No politician can replace genuine sound of charity done by a friend or church. Truthfulness and charity comes from the heart and we all know politicians have no hearts, “just kidding.” Of course they have the heart of man, but not of Godly designs.

            What rings true is Jesus Christ, His words, and His promises. We must begin once more to listen for the sound of purity and honesty. We find those qualities only one place, in our bibles, and they give us the true wealth we seek as humans. Christ rings with truthfulness, and Satan’s world, (earthly governments) is flat with evil and dishonesty. If the pages in your bible say one thing, it rings with truthfulness. If any man, preacher, or government tells you scripture means something different from what it says, that is the flat ringing sound of deceit.






            To be in cahoots with a person is said to mean you’re in some kind of shady partnership or dealings that might not be perceived to be legitimate.  The word has its origin in medieval times and comes from the word (Kajuetes), which means “little Cabins.” During the medieval times little cabins were supposedly occupied by bandits or robbers, and over time people saw these “Kajuetes or Cahoots”, as places where bad people banned together to plan their bad intentions.

            These were places where bad folks came together with like minded interest and bad designs for so many others. Many with like minds today are in cahoots to silence the Christ people and His message. Satan owns the cabins they dwell within and do their deceitful scheming. Satan gives them purpose and direction and keeps the world on message.

            Some folks say God is evil and Christians are the ones in cahoots. Perhaps we are; would that be shocking to hear? We as Christians are in cahoots with God to the total defeat of Satan and his minions. It doesn’t mean we’re evil, or god is evil. It means we have like minds and a laser like purpose to see God’s will achieved here on earth.

            I like being in the “little cabins” with Christ, some might even call it a huppa. Because that is where Christ church (Bride), will be at His return. Then we will live together for an eternity in cahoots, but good cahoots.


Paths in the Sea


In the 1800’s Matthew Maury noticed the expression “paths in the sea” in Psalms 8:8 (written 3000 years ago). He said, “If God said there are paths in the sea, I am going to find them.” Muray then took God at His word and went looking for these paths, and we are indebted to his discovery of the warm and cold continental currents. His book on oceanography remains a basic text on the subject and is still used in universities. (Scientific Facts in the Bible) by: Ray Comfort.
Is it possible, we as a society have such abject disdain for God’s true word, we can’t see scripture in the same way earlier explorers did? Are we so arrogant in our belief, we‘re the superior beings on the planet, there’s nothing to learn except what comes from man’s mouth.
The bible is full of undiscovered truths; even today if you’re willing to believe the words you read, they’re new discoveries waiting to be uncovered. One mans willingness to take God at His word gave us knowledge we depend on today. If all men or women had that attitude, we would be rich with the knowledge of God in our homes and cities.
Even the simple truths are rare gems in today’s society it seems. Man stumbles over god’s word like a blind Shepard on a steep rocky path. Man doesn’t know where he’s going in scripture so he makes his own truths believing God doesn’t mind. God’s truths are His truths and man’s beliefs are mans truths. God’s truths came long before man was created and there’s nothing we know today He didn’t know before man was even a thought in His mind. God’s word is full of unseen truths, but you won’t find them through man, only searching the bible.

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Two Loves


It is said, there are two loves from which all good and truth come: Love to the Lord and love to the neighbor. And there are two loves from which all evils and falsities come: the love of self and the love of the world.
The love of God is the one thing we as humans desire more than anything. Even when we deny His existence we feel the need for a creator. As humans we often make things up like, “evolution” but the truth is always pressing hard against our natural instincts. The love from Christ has no bounds; it’s the axis of creation and the reason we exist.
The love of our neighbor seems harder to ignore, its in-your-face all the time, and we’re constantly reminded of the need in which many find themselves. It’s our duty to help those in need, but we’ve put neighbor above God. Loving God brings natural benefits to society; loving neighbor above God brings calamity to our culture and its eventual downfall.
The love of ourselves is the direct result of putting God at the bottom of the list. The love of the world and its shiny bright objects is an enormous distraction from God’s true purpose for man.
Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could shut our eyes and ignore Satan for a moment? He is behind the love of the world and self, but you’ll never convince those that are mesmerized by those bright shiny objects called man’s traditions.





            Billy Graham once wrote: several years ago I was to be interviewed at my home for a well – known television show. Knowing that it would appear on nationwide television, my wife took great pains to see that everything looked nice. She had vacuumed, dusted and tidied up the whole house and had gone over the living room with a fine- tooth comb since that was where the interview would be filmed. When the film crew arrived with all the lights and cameras, she felt that everything in the living room was spic and span. We were in place along with the interviewer when suddenly the television lights were turned on and we saw cobwebs and dust where we had never seen them before. In the words of my wife, “I mean that room was festooned with dust and cobwebs which simply did not show up under ordinary light.”

            This is a wonderful illustration of our lives. It shows, no matter how hard we try we simply aren’t going to be spiritually spic-and-span under the light of Christ’s words. His doctrine is the clarifying light of our conscience; can it bare the scrutiny of scripture? Have we done due-diligence searching for the will of Christ? Have we compromised too often with doctrine? Are we too willing to accept any explanation to avoid the reality Christ has a way for us to live and we’re not living in that way.

            It’s our duty to Christ to do all we can to fulfill our agreed upon obligations with Him. True, we can rid our lives of all the cobwebs, but we can make an extra effort to find them and make corrections. We are expected to do at least this; it’s the minimum that will be accepted by Christ.

            For too long man has obfuscated his duty to Christ, replacing it with traditions of men. It has grown so bad,

 man no longer fears Christ. Christ promise to us; he will return one day, when that day happens; how filthy will your physical house be?


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            I received a notice in the mail the other day saying our car insurance was due. It happens every month it seems we get the same notices about one bill or another. It’s common to receive a notice from someone informing us of upcoming events like, paying bills. It’s a warning something needs to happen to avoid something else, maybe worst from happening. Or it could be telling someone an agreement is about to come to an abrupt end.

            Notice could mean, you’ve noticed the hair style on your wife, or the new perfume she’s wearing. If you didn’t you may be put on notice of an abrupt end. Or your husband’s new rod and reel he didn’t inform you he was going to buy. Women may notice the barbeque pit that magically appeared in the backyard, or the new tools that keep popping up. Once again, notice is a warning something is about to happen, ambe something bad, men.

           When it comes to God, we’re all on notice. We’ve been on notice for thousands of years. Nothing has happened yet, but the notice says, it’s coming and it’s coming when certain conditions are met. We need to know what those conditions are to be completely informed of Christ coming so as to be prepared. Unlike bill paying where we often receive a second notice or even a third; we have only this one notice from Christ.

            This world has been put on final notice. Its people have been given all they need to meet the conditions of the agreement between them and Christ. It is now time for us to heed the warnings. We’ve been put on notice; Christ is coming soon under His conditions.


Being Human

Sometimes being human is the saddest experience of all.

Other times being human is the glories event of all.

Sometimes being human is full of love and life.

Other times being human is shadowed by sadness and death.

If being human is worth all good that happens, then it’s worth

the tears we shed for those we love.

If being human means we cry sometimes, then it means we

laugh with joy most times.

Being human, it’s a journey full of beauty and awe.

Being human, is a road traveled even to the bitter end.

But most of all, being human means were loved by God.

By Ron Harmon