Greetings:               To be in cahoots with a person is said to mean you’re in some kind of shady partnership or dealings that might not be perceived to be legitimate.  The word has its origin in medieval times and comes from the word (Kajuetes), which means “little Cabins.” During the medieval times little cabins… Read More Cahoots


Greetings:               Billy Graham once wrote: several years ago I was to be interviewed at my home for a well – known television show. Knowing that it would appear on nationwide television, my wife took great pains to see that everything looked nice. She had vacuumed, dusted and tidied up the whole house and… Read More Cobwebs


Greetings:               I received a notice in the mail the other day saying our car insurance was due. It happens every month it seems we get the same notices about one bill or another. It’s common to receive a notice from someone informing us of upcoming events like, paying bills. It’s a warning something… Read More Notice

Being Human

Sometimes being human is the saddest experience of all. Other times being human is the glories event of all. Sometimes being human is full of love and life. Other times being human is shadowed by sadness and death. If being human is worth all good that happens, then it’s worth the tears we shed for… Read More Being Human

Child of God

Greetings:               A four-year-old was praying one night, having been listening at church: “And forgive us our trash-baskets as we forgive those who put trash in our baskets.” It’s a cute story that helps us be reminded we need to always be forgiving. Sermons I’ve done in the past, I’ve reminded folks forgiveness isn’t… Read More Child of God