News or News

Greetings: Hurricane Sandy is just about all that has been in the news the last couple of Days. Its devastation is plastered all over our TV screens and blast through on a continuing basis via radio. These storms seem to always draw the media to them like bees are drawn to honey. They dig at… Read More News or News

In a Pickel

Greetings: You ever find yourself in a proverbial pickle? The expression simply means, you’ve got a problem and no good solution can be found. The best explanation I could find for its origins is as follows “Trade with the Low Countries across the North Sea was important to England in the later middle Ages, and… Read More In a Pickel

Debate Disdain

Greetings Folks: We are still recovering from the “Post Feast Blaaas” but things are starting to get back into there normal groove around the Harmon house. If you watched the Vice presidential debates the other night it may have struck you as odd at best and weird by the least of accounts. What I’m referring… Read More Debate Disdain