Patrick Henry

Greetings: As we sit back this Memorial day and enjoy our hamburgers, hotdogs, and cold beer, I thought it fitting to bring to mind the thoughts of one of our founders, Patrick Henry. He once said, “Are we deposed to be of the number of those who, having eyes, see not, and having ears, hear… Read More Patrick Henry


Greetings: Gifts are always a source of joy and a show of love. No other thing we do for another person creates a greater goodwill than giving a gift. Gifts are often physical symbols of recognition, appreciation, and sometimes, just plain fun. Gifts are sometimes given to help us succeed, and they often come during… Read More Gifts

Golf Balls

Greetings: When the modern golf ball was first made it had a smooth surface. Golfers soon discovered balls that had been roughed up a bit traveled greater distance and out preformed newer balls. It wasn’t long afterwards dimpled covers were applied to all golf balls for better performance. So it is with life; as we… Read More Golf Balls

To Forgive

Greetings: A man lay on his deathbed, harassed by fear because he had harbored against another. He sent for the individual with whom he had had a disagreement years before; he then made overtures of peace. The two of them shook hands in friendship. But as the visitor left the room, the sick man roused… Read More To Forgive


Greetings: Two Texans were trying to impress each other with the size of their ranches. One asked the other, “What’s the name of your ranch?” He replied, “The Rocking R, ABC, Flying W, Circle C, Bar U, Staple Four, Box D, Rolling M, Rainbow’s End, Silver Spur Ranch.” The Questioner was much impressed and exclaimed,… Read More Pride


Greetings: It said, everybody looks for different things in the Ten Commandments. Some look for divine guidance, some look for a code to live by, but most people are looking for loopholes. What category do you fit in? If you are truthful with yourself, the answer may surprise you. First thing you should do before… Read More Category’s

The Straw

Greetings: Slowly they were added, stacked one right after the other until the weight of straw was just too much. The last straw placed upon the camels back brought the animal to its knees crying of overwhelming pain. This is the picture formed within my mind when the phrase “The last straw” is used to… Read More The Straw