Greetings:               Fred Allen once said, “If criticism had any real power to harm, the skunk would be extinct by now.”             How do any of us deal with day-to-day criticisms? Are we like the preverbal duck where criticisms are like rainwater running off its back or instead; do we take every harsh word… Read More Criticisms


Don’t search for sorrow in me. It’s not sorry you’ll really see.   Don’t look for hate living in me. It dwells elsewhere other than me.   Don’t look for pride in my life. Pride pulls away, never the right.   Don’t make envy a cause for concern. We each have a course we must… Read More Don’t


Greetings:               He wrecked his car, he lost his job, and yet throughout his life, he took his troubles like a man-he blamed them on his wife!             Who do we blame our troubles on? Are we like the man in this story and blame our short-comings on the most convenient person, who usually… Read More Blame


Greetings:               An employer interviewing an applicant remarked, You ask high wages for a man with no experience.” “Well,” he relied, “it’s so much harder to work when you don’t know anything about it.”             We know this is simply a funny story about perspective. The perspective of the boss is, the young man… Read More Perspective

The Hunt

Greetings:               Lee Sharp once told a story where he said; many of us are like a little boy we meet trudging along a country road with a B.B. gun over his shoulder. “What are you hunting, buddy?” we asked. “Dunno, sir, I ain’t seen it yet.”             We all seem to be on… Read More The Hunt