Greetings: “Outrageous,” the man said in a defiant tone. “The things that are happening today are simply outrageous,” he continued on. He added, “The news is full of politicians with no conscious, we have cities gone wild, and a government full of corruption, its simply outrageous.” The guards came in at that moment and told… Read More Outrage

My Dog

Greetings: The farmer came to town on Court Day and saw a man entertaining a crowd with the tricks of his trained dog. The farmer said, “How did you train your dog that way? I can’t teach mine a single trick.” The dog owner said,” its not easy, to begin with, you have to know… Read More My Dog

A New Page

Greetings: Every day is new never existed before, nothing new about that, right! But, each day brings opportunities to do things different, see things differently, change our view about our surroundings; we have choices galore everyday. Everyday is a new page in our lives filled with good and bad, sometimes fraught with a bit of… Read More A New Page

The Caddy

Greetings: The golfer was choosing a caddy. “Can you count young man?” he asked. “Yes sir,” said the boy.” “Let’s see how you do,” the man said. “How much are two, six, three, and seven?” “Eleven, sir,” the boy said. “Excellent,” the man said. “You’re hired.” We laugh at jokes where people aren’t as honest… Read More The Caddy