Red Lines



            Woke-up turned on the TV to the morning news heard the plane was still missing and they still had only a general idea where it might be. The families of the Chinese victims were demanding answers from the Malaysian government and as bad a job they’ve done in the investigation we all know, as of now there are none.

            The Syrian government is on the offensive to reclaim dominance over their cities; there’re supported by supplies from Iran and Russia. They’ve continued delaying their compliance for removal of their stock-piles of chemical weapons in direct violation of the redline we established. But I’m certain we’ll give them some more leeway, after all, It’s our redline line and we can move if we want to.

            The Russian’s are massing thirty thousand troops on the border of Ukraine supposedly just to say howdy to their neighbors. No-one it seems wants to admit our red-line isn’t doing much good there as well. Maybe if we painted and actual redline where they can visually see it, they’ll think were serious.

            Speaking of red, the Chinese are making threats against the Japanese and others in that part of the world and as far as I’ve heard, we don’t have an ultimatum there, yet! But we’ve got plenty of redline stuff left if they get too much further out of line.

            Our favorite oriental, Kim Jung-un of North Korea fired two missiles yesterday in a neighborly display of good-will. Their effort to spread there success of productive living to the south is on-going and won’t stop until they’re all one big happy family once more.

            That was the news this morning, now I’m so disgusted I want to go back to bed and hide.  Pray God’s kingdom comes soon, before we run out of red paint.


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