Cold Feet



            There are a couple of theories as to the source of the expression, “Cold-Feet,” but my favorite is; a time when soldiers were in battle, there feet were exposed to the elements, some became severely frostbitten, rendering them unable to enter into the fray. Nearly having frostbite on my feet forty years ago in Korea, I can attest to the debilitating effects it has on ones ability on the battlefield.

            In that same country sixty years ago, cold-feet plagued our troops in the midst of a Chinese onslaught. Our troops nearly lost the war because the supplies were low and men were stricken with frostbite. But a miracle was once more supplied by Christ, enabling our troops to drive the Chinese back to the 38th parallel, holding them at bay, even to this day.

            Cold-feet, is an expression we use to describe someone who is resonant about something. It can be an expression of hesitance, reluctance; someone could be indecisive about the unknown. It isn’t fear; it’s that little voice in the ear, telling us something isn’t quit right.

            Having cold feet isn’t always a bad thing; it’s our natural instincts kicking in keeping us from us. Christ created us this way so we would think about decisions we make, before we put them into action. But cold-feet should never make us unwilling to look closer into the words of our savior. We should never fear or be hesitant to search the scriptures, or question the status quo, or to take the next step in faith.  

            We’re told to come boldly to the throne of Christ, without fear, hesitance, or reluctance. It would be shame if it was cold-feet that kept us from the Kingdome of Christ. It would be a bigger shame if it was someone else’s cold feet that made us hesitant, and we listened to them.


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