Have you even known someone who always makes life look easy? Work, play, family, it doesn’t matter; everything just seems easy with them. They are successful in business as well as home life. They have friends who admire them, and truly want to be a part of their lives. They have co-workers who worry when they don’t show up for work or are out sick for more than just a few days.

            What you may not see or realize, is how hard they work in order for their lives to appear easy. They’ve done everything they’re expected of, education, dedication, family, and special attention to integrity, honesty, and appreciation of others. Those attributes are the hallmark of an easy looking life built on hard work.

            I dedicate this reminder to my step-father, (Alvin Wille) who died yesterday, (11/01/2013) from complications of heart failure. He was one of those who appeared to have an easy life. My family and I know the effort he put forth for the façade of easy to cling to him. We also know how hard he worked to make all our family lives just a little more easy.

            The hardest part of knowing someone whose life looked easy is seeing them leave your life for the last time. You feel as though they are taking with them a secret they learned long ago about life, and you no longer have any opportunities to learn how they made life look so easy. Maybe we should have listened to what they had to say, when we had the chance to hear, and maybe we should have spent a little more time with them instead of complaining how hard our own lives are.

            Easy is just another word along with many others defining with them someone who has touched our lives in a very special way. We’ll miss Alvin Wille, life will be a little harder but memories will come, easily making us smile one more time.


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